About Blood Ties

Our Cause:
Community = Health & Social Equality for All

Our Mission:
Our mission is to eliminate barriers and create opportunities for people to have equal access to health & wellness and to live in our community with dignity.

Our Values:
1. We believe a community is diminished when people who need health and wellness are marginalized.
2. We believe in equitable delivery and availability of health services.
3. We believe that people who use drugs, people who are challenged with stigmatizing health conditions, people who are incarcerated and people who are insecurely housed are especially at risk for not having equal access to health & wellness and a life in our community with dignity.
4. We believe in the power of Yukon’s cultural diversity and the richness of its First Nation, Inuit and Metis tradition and roots.

Blood Ties Four Directions Centre Society (formerly AIDS Yukon Alliance and Yukon AIDS Program) began in 1988 under the Yukon Government’s Department of Health and Human Resources (now Health & Social Services) as part of the Family Life Education Program. It later became a separate unit.

In 1989, the program began operations under a tripartite agreement between the Friendship Centre, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Yukon Government’s Ministry of Health and Social Services. The two governments provided matched funding. Funding increased in 1993 and the program moved to a location in downtown Whitehorse. Blood Ties continues to operate in the downtown area.

On April 3, 2001, Blood Ties held a special meeting to change their constitution to include serving individuals with Hepatitis C. A new name for the agency was required. A contest was held in May 2001 and the name was changed to Blood Ties Four Directions Centre Society.


Over the years Blood Ties has initiated a large variety of services and projects such as:

  • Emergency Care Fund for people living with HIV/AIDS and/or HepC
  • Harm Reduction program in Whitehorse
  • Youth Outreach
  • Annual Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life
  • Condom distribution programs
  • Workshops on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and related issues
  • Counselling

Want to help us with our cause? Consider making a donation. Proceeds stay in Yukon and help to improve the lives of people in our community.