Blood Ties Staff

Executive Director
Emily Jones

The Executive Director is responsible for the management of Blood Ties, including: programs, financial, and personnel management. The Executive Director oversees program development, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The Executive Director fosters stakeholder community, funder and media relationships on behalf of Blood Ties, works closely with the board of directors, staff and volunteers to ensure Blood Ties is fulfilling it’s mission.


Program Manager

Brontë Renwick-Shields

The Program Manager is responsible for providing guidance and support to the front line team at Blood Ties. The Program Manager provides complex case management in health and housing services as well as leading in the delivery and coordination of the LWEH after hours housing support program delivered across 3 agencies.  The Program Manager leads Blood Ties’ interdisciplinary work and engages professionals from other agencies and government departments in supporting clients with complex health and housing needs.


Health Education Coordinator
Elizabeth Plishka


The Health Education Coordinator is responsible for the design and delivery of health promotion programming to Whitehorse communities. The Health Educator delivers prevention and health promotion services; develops and hosts special events; leads and coordinates volunteers; and develops programs to increase individual capacity to prevent sexually transmitted and blood borne infections among specific populations.       


Harm Reduction Counsellor
Jesse Whelen

The Harm Reduction Counsellor is responsible for leading and delivery of Harm Reduction programs and best practices for Yukon. They coordinate the delivery of services of the fixed site needle exchange program, facilitates weekly Drug User Support Group, and works with the program team to deliver meaningful annual events such as Support Don’t Punish and Overdose Awareness Day. The Harm Reduction Counsellor leads in Blood Ties’ response to the Opioid Overdose Crisis by providing Fentanyl Testing services and overdose education.


Wellness Counsellor
Genevieve Gagnon
phone # 867.332.8264

The Wellness Counsellor provides health navigation and health & justice case management for individuals using the services of Blood Ties. The position is responsible for the design and delivery of support programs including: advocacy, accompaniments, counselling, street life engagement and poverty reduction.  The Wellness Counsellor conducts vulnerability assessments and develops case management plans for people using the agency.


Susan2 Susan2014
Administrative Assistant
Susan Cornell

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for the general day-to-day operation of the office.  The Administrative Assistant provides reception services, secretarial and bookkeeping services and administrative support to the staff, volunteers and Board of Directors.



Scaling Up Coordinator
Esther Armstrong
Phone# 867.332.8269

The Scaling Up Coordinator is responsible for leading the delivery of harm reduction programs and services in rural Yukon communities. The Scaling Up Coordinator works closely with the Harm Reduction Counsellor to set best practice standards in harm reduction across the Yukon and ensures that Blood Ties delivers culturally meaningful harm reduction services in rural Yukon and delivers overdose education services including Fentanyl testing in rural and outreach settings such as festivals. The Scaling Up Coordinator works with Rural Partnership Coordinator in delivering Harm Reduction and Overdose Education programs to rural FN communities.



Rural Partnership Coordinator
Sarah Haalboom

The Rural Partnership Coordinator coordinates and delivers health prevention education and capacity building and engagement programs to Rural Yukon Indigenous Communities. The Rural Partnership Coordinator also provides supports to individuals and families impacted by sexually transmitted and blood borne infections in rural communities; works with health and social service providers in rural communities to develop and build capacity to respond to sexually transmitted and blood borne infections.

Housing Coordinator & Case Manager
Robin Walker

The Housing Coordinator & Case Manager provides advocacy, case management and support to clients of the agency in addressing their housing needs and challenges. The Housing Navigator provides case management support to clients in our supported housing programs: the Steve Cardiff House and the Landlords Working to End Homelessness program. The Housing Navigator works collaboratively with other community service providers and organizations in addressing homelessness in Whitehorse.


Outreach Van Coordinator
Logan Godin

The Outreach Van Coordinator provides coordination, advocacy, and delivery of the community outreach van program. The Van Coordinator facilitates communication and training among the van staff and the van management team. The Van Coordinator represents the van and its mission in the broader community. The Van Coordinator advocates on behalf of service users and other vulnerable populations in Whitehorse.

 Board of Directors: 

Dan Bader, Ruth McConnell, Belinda Janssens, Laura Gohl, Seema Sohail, Jessica Jobin.
Missing – Laura Beattie

Blood Ties is administered through a volunteer Board of Directors. This Board is an administrative Policy Board, operating as a resource and support to staff and volunteers for the provision of client service. The Board: offers strategic direction, supports staff to implement direction, has an administrative or policy focus, has the services of an Executive Director to coordinate service delivery policies, are provided with information on service delivery by the Executive Director, creates their own vision and mission statement, interprets community needs and interests, makes policy decisions and reflects these to the organization they are accountable to (i.e. funders).

For more info about governance opportunities:

Harm Reduction Worker Outreach Van
Harm Reduction Workers are responsible for providing information on harm reduction programs to clients of the Outreach Van. Harm Reduction Workers provide harm reduction education and programs, support services such as: referrals, lay counselling, education and advocacy to van clients.

Staffing Opportunities
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