Connecting Vulnerable People to Health Services

At Blood Ties, we provide support and health navigation services to vulnerable members of the community in order to help them access health services. Some people in the community can be deeply reluctant to seek health care in traditional settings: with a history of trauma and/or poor treatment from service providers, our clients have a negative evaluation of the health care system.

At Blood Ties, we believe that we can improve health outcomes for people in our community by finding ways of connecting them to health services in a non-threatening way. By meeting our clients where they are at and providing assistance to our clients in developing rapport with health service providers we believe that we can reduce negative associations with the health care system and improve the likelihood that they will access health services.

The program: “Connecting vulnerable people to health services” has a meet & greet program coupled with complementary adjunct health & wellness services. Offered every second month, the “Health Fairs” bring health care service providers to Blood Ties for a meet & greet with our clients. The service providers provide basic information sessions about their programs, how they are run and how to access their programs. Ideally, the service providers develop rapport with the clients and help ease their anxiety in relation to attending traditional health services. Along with the basic information services, we provide adjunct health and wellness services to help bring the clients through the door such as haircuts, snacks, therapeutic massage and foot care clinic. Door prizes and giveaways would enhance the health fair ambiance and create a low barrier “fun” atmosphere that can help our clients feel more comfortable about health care services.


If you would like more information about this program including dates of next session and health care provider partnering opportunities:

Emily Jones
Harm Reduction & Wellness Counsellor


Connecting Vulnerable People to Health Services program is made possible through an Educational Grant from Gilead Sciences Canada, Inc.