Blood Ties offers Housing Support Programs to people looking for housing or experiencing housing concerns.

  • Access to the Housing Navigator who supports Blood Ties clients in identifying their goals in terms of future housing, employment and independence.
  • Housing Navigator supports:
    • Residents of the Steve Cardiff House;
    • Clients in the LWEH (Landlords Working to End Homelessness) program;
    • Clients moving into or establishing independent accommodation;
    • Clients moving out of incarceration or alcohol/drug treatment facilities or programs;
    • Clients whose accommodation arrangements may be at risk of breaking down or clients who are homeless or precariously housed.
  • Emergency Housing Fund Program
  • LWEH: Landlords Working To End Homelessness. Watch our youtube video to learn more
  • Tenant Wisdom Courses: Teaching clients about negotiating with landlords, finding accommodation, learning  rights and responsibilities, and more. The course focuses on landlord and tenant relationships, problem solving, conflict resolution and communication skills as well as on basic life skills necessary for finding and maintaining adequate housing. Blood Ties offers the course one to two times annually.
    Contact our Housing Navigator (867) 334-4790 or housing@bloodties.ca for information about the next course dates.
    Click here for the Tenant Wisdom Workbook.
  • The Steve Cardiff House: Transitional supportive housing.
    Click here to learn more.
  • Resource Guides: Such as the Tenant Survival Guide, Finding Rental Housing Guide, and Tips for Interviewing Landlords Guide.
    Click the house icons below to view each of our resource guides.

Finding Rental Housing in Whitehorse
Finding a place to rent in Whitehorse is easier if you know where to look and how to communicate with landlords.
Use this guide to find the resources that will help you get in out of the cold.

Tenant Survival Guide
Being a tenant in Whitehorse can be frustrating if you don’t know your rights and responsibilities and where to go for help. You do have rights as a tenant. Use this guide to help you find your way as a tenant and learn where to go for the help you need.

Tips for Interviewing Landlords Guide
Before you pick up the phone to call a potential landlord write down what you are going to say. Use the examples in this guide.


Snapshot of the Whitehorse Housing Situation
This document looks at the rental vacancy and average price of a home, as well as what progress has been made and where the gaps still exist in the housing and rental market in Whitehorse.

Additional Information:

Learn about our LWEH (Landlords Working to End Homelessness) Housing program by watching this short video

“Enriching our Understanding of Homelessness”
Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition – EOU Final Report 2013

“A Voice on Homelessness in Yukon”
Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition video – https://vimeo.com/126292458