Our goal is to better understand the realities of being justice-involved based on lived experience of our clients.

Our work in justice uses a harm-reduction and social determinants of health lens to enhance our understanding of the factors that contribute to people getting caught in the justice system.

We believe change will occur if the whole community comes to the table. Gaining a better understanding of how people can get caught in the Revolving Door of the Justice System, is the first step in raising community awareness and creating meaningful change.

 A healthier community is one in which people who are involved in the justice system are provided with opportunities to heal, explore their spirituality, receive case management support services, and have access to counselling and systems navigation.

The Revolving Door of the Justice System infographic is a tool to better understand the realities of being caught in the justice system and highlight gaps in service. Infographic content was developed based on conversations with our members, research, and observation.

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