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Check out our resource: Don’t be an A**hole: Best practices for health and social service providers working with people who use drugs.  Don’t be an a__Hole  and it’s companion Best Practices Graphic is a result from a project conceived to inform Blood Ties’ practice and interactions with people who use drugs. The goal is to strengthen relationships between health and social service providers and their clients who use illicit drugs. This important project presents the factors that make relationships between clients and service providers more successful and to identify barriers that people who use drugs face when accessing social services. We are grateful to the United Way for making this project possible.

Did you know – Hepatitis C treatment has changed!? 

Much easier to tolerate and effective drugs are now on the market. If you’re living with Hepatitis C, now is the time to start a conversation about treatment with your health care provider. Download our Hep C Cure Pamphlet – 2016 and find out more.

Supporting Someone with HIV or Hepatitis C
This handy easy-to-read booklet was designed specifically for Yukon First Nation communities to provide guidance and tools in how to support community members living with HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C. It incorporates useful information and tips for supporting someone you love living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C.

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