Rural Partnership & Outreach

Our Approach to Education & Prevention


Blood Ties Four Directions Centre uses a harm reduction approach to education and prevention. Meeting participants where they are at, our goal is to empower people to make safer choices.  In collaboration and engagement with rural communities, we explore First Nations’ approaches to promoting safe behaviours while increasing community capacity for awareness and prevention. Through our education programs, we also aim to decrease stigma and discrimination amongst community members related to HIV, Hepatitis C, drug use and sexually transmitted infections.


Workshops in Rural Yukon Communities 

 Blood Ties Four Directions Centre provides workshops and information sessions on HIV, Hepatitis C, Sexual health, and Harm Reduction. The workshops are facilitated in a safe and inclusive way, encouraging sex-positivity and diversity of its community members. Our goal is to equip people with knowledge, skills, and tools for healthy decision-making for themselves and for their community.

Furthermore, our aim is to provide a space for community members to gather, share and examine culturally safe approaches to safe behaviors and practices for their community with the goal of enhancing understanding of HIV and hepatitis C and its relationship to addiction and drug use.

 These fun, interactive, and free information sessions can be adapted for different ages, genders, length of times, and groups.

 Available workshops for 2016 in rural Yukon

  • Healthy Sexuality for Women
  • Supporting Elders in Understanding HIV and Hepatitis C and the impact on Community
  • HIV and the Law
  • Supporting Individuals through HIV and Hepatitis C Disclosures
  • Condom Skills for Youth
  • HIV/HCV 101
  • Sex, Drugs and Youth
  • Harm Reduction and Your Community
  •  Addiction and it’s Relationship to HIV/HCV
  • Social Determinants of Health and it’s Relationship to HIV/HCV

Youth Empowering Youth Workshops

BT4D and BYTE (Bringing Youth Towards Equality) – a youth for youth organization that focuses on empowering and promoting youth throughout the Yukon – is collaborating to deliver a comprehensive two-day workshop for youth, aged 14-18 years old, or 15-21 years old in rural and remote Yukon communities. The Youth Empowering Youth workshop will provide opportunities to develop tangible skills  and increase capacity among youth on issues that affect their health and the health of their communities. Together, topics such as mental health, sexual health, healthy relationships, consent and boundaries, harm reduction and safer partying, and decision and leadership skills, will be explored.

HEAT Program

We are very pleased to be delivering the very effective – very popular HEAT (Health Empowerment and Action Together) Program to rural Yukon youth. Please see more about the HEAT program on our HEAT page!

Resources & Condoms

 We can provide free educational resources on HIV, Hepatitis C, & Sexual health. We can also facilitate access to free condoms for organizations & businesses.


Alyssa Carpenter

Rural Partnership Coordinator