Steve Cardiff House

Steve Cardiff Tiny House Community is a community supported housing initiative brought to you by Blood Ties Four Directions Centre.
Working to end homelessness by creating a tiny home community of 5 supported houses in downtown Whitehorse.

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The Steve Cardiff House History:

Blood Ties supports a very ‘hard to house’ population. Our clients experience discrimination in the housing market and tend to be easily displaced from housing. In order to address this housing shortage and the discrimination that contributes to our clients’ experience of homelessness Blood Ties built a “Tiny House” called the Steve Cardiff House in 2012. The house provided safe, secure, transitional housing for one client for up to 1 year.  This tiny house was affordable to build and affordable to operate, provided supported housing over a 4 year period to 5 hard to house people at a very reasonable cost. Some of the benefits of the tiny house were:

  • It provided a 240 sq. foot living space for at-risk clients in urgent need of housing.


  • It simplified our clients’ lives and allowed them to live independently.
  • It is small – enough room for one person to live comfortably but avoids couch surfers, partying, and putting our clients with poor boundaries in difficult situations;
  • It is affordable to maintain;

From 2012 to 2016, the Steve Cardiff House provided housing for people from 3 months up to 12 months stay. The house was located on land donated by a person who held an undeveloped lot in downtown Whitehorse. Blood Ties provided housing supports and case management to the tenants. In 2016, the landowner informed us that he will be developing his lot and building condos. We were asked to move the Steve Cardiff House off the property by August. The Steve Cardiff House was moved into storage for the winter.

Blood Ties now has 4 years of experience with a housing pilot project and we have learned a lot – both in terms of building it, maintaining it, and why this model works well for our population. We are ready for the next phase – building a tiny home community of 5 supported housing units for vulnerable persons.

Project Organization

We will see a total of 5 units situated together on one 5000 square foot lot. Each house is a stand-alone unit of 240 square feet. The project does not have any common elements such as shared hallways, fire escapes, etc. The small size of each house makes it possible to build the houses affordably.

Maintenance is more affordable with a model like this. The stand-alone nature of the project suggests that maintenance fees will be lower as major repairs such as roof replacement can be spaced out over a 3 to 5 year period, and this is the same for smaller internal repairs and maintenance upgrades. This ensures that the organization will not run into cash demands in any one year that are beyond our ability to handle.

Project Plan: the key milestones in this project are as follows:

1) Secure 85% to 95% of funding between September to December 2017.
2) Purchase property in Whitehorse: we took possession of a downtown lot in October 2017;
3) Zoning amendment application in progress – November to January 2018, then obtain building permits. January – Feb 2018;
4) Hire project manager January 2018:
5) Formal communications plan developed:  January 2018;
6) Move the Steve Cardiff existing house to new location – Spring 2018;
7) Begin construction of 4 new tiny homes – Spring 2018
8) Project completed fall 2018

Property management is handled through Blood Ties Four Directions, including:

1) screening clients for suitability for housing;
2) providing case management services to each client in housing;
3) collection of rent and financial management;
4) property maintenance, security and safety;

Rents are set at no more than the standard rental rates paid by Social Assistance rental benefit and tenants who have working income will be charged no more than 30% of their monthly gross employment income.

Project Funding Sources (confirmed and in progress)

            Total estimated cost of the project: $700,000

Blood Ties reserves = $100,000
Victims of Violence from Yukon Housing Corporation = $200,000
Community Forward Fund Financing LOAN = $200,000
in development = $100,000
Yukon Housing Corporation and City of Whitehorse – Municipal Matching = $30,000
CMCH – SEED Funding = $5,000 (in progress)
Private Donation & In-kind construction = $50,000 (in progress)

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TAKE A VIDEO TOUR of the original Steve Cardiff House when it was first built in 2012.

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For more information: (867) 335-9067