Steve Cardiff Tiny House Community

Steve Cardiff Tiny House Community is a supported housing initiative brought to you by Blood Ties Four Directions Centre.
Working to end homelessness by creating a tiny home community of 5 supported houses in downtown Whitehorse.


The Steve Cardiff House History:

Blood Ties supports a very ‘hard to house’ population. Our clients experience discrimination in the housing market and tend to be easily displaced from housing. In order to address this housing shortage and the discrimination that contributes to our clients’ experience of homelessness Blood Ties built a “Tiny House” called the Steve Cardiff House in 2012. The house provided safe, secure, transitional housing for one client for up to 1 year.  This tiny house was affordable to build and affordable to operate, provided supported housing over a 4 year period to 5 hard to house people at a very reasonable cost.

Benefits of Tiny House living:

  • Provides 240 sq. feet of living space for at-risk clients in urgent need of housing
  • Allows our clients to live independently
  • Enough room for one person to live comfortably but avoids couch surfers, partying, and putting our clients with poor boundaries in difficult situations
  • Affordable to maintain

From 2012 to 2016, the Steve Cardiff House provided housing for 5 different people; it was situated on an undeveloped lot that we did not own . In 2016, the Steve Cardiff House was moved into storage until a “forever home” could be found. We found it’s new home on 6th and Jarvis where we’re nestling it in with 4 new tiny houses to build a Tiny Home Community.

Here’s some pictures of the Steve Cardiff House being moved to it’s permanent home.



The Project


We will see a total of 5 units (4 new plus the original Steve Cardiff House) situated together on one 5000 square foot lot. Each house is a stand-alone unit of 240 square feet.






General Contractor



 Financial Grants and Contributions





Private Donors and Community Groups

Ross & Sue Findlater                                  Elizabeth Hanson

Ruth & Terry Harrold                                  Wynne Krangle & Peter Long

Laura MacFeeters & Duncan Sinclair         Mauro Family Foundation

Patrick Michael                                           Janet Moodie

Northern Vision Development

100 Women Who Care Whitehorse

Rendezvous Rotary Club of Whitehorse


Donations from Building Community

Associated Engineering

Tetra Tech

Underhill Geomatics

Williams Engineering


Contact the Executive Director, Patricia at  for updates or to make a donation.

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TAKE A VIDEO TOUR of the original Steve Cardiff House when it was first built in 2012.

For more information: (867) 335-9067